The services we provide cover a broad range, among them are the following:

Consultation and Advice
Key Client Feedback Programs
Client Feedback Reports

Consultation and Advice to the management of professional services firms includes clarifying possible misconceptions regarding client feedback, assessing a firm's current program (if any), and recommending best practices, based in part on a segmentation of the client base into three tiers, with Tier 1 representing the most important, or “Key,” clients. This segmentation is then used as a guide in determining the appropriate mix of in-person and phone interviews and written/web surveys. We will also train in-house interviewers. Read more.

Key Client Feedback Programs focus on a firm’s most important (or Tier 1) clients and include the specification of roles, and related training, for (1) Relationship Partners to engage in at least annual “Client Dialogues,” (2) the Firm Chair/MP to perform periodic “Client Visitations,” and (3) interviewers who are independent from the client service team to conduct in-depth “Client Interviews.” Read more.

Client Feedback Reports include (1) those prepared after completion of the relevant interviews or survey to reflect the findings and recommendations for a specific client service team, and (2) those which synthesize the output from a number of individual Client Feedback Reports for use by firm or service area management. These reports contain valuable insights and observations as well as suggested action steps. Read more.


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