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Aronson / Heintz Associates is a leader in conducting Client Interviews and otherwise assisting professional services firms with Client Feedback Programs. Our personnel are senior level, former client-handling and managing partners from a major professional services firm. We have provided client feedback services since the early 1990s. And our clients are some of the largest and most demanding professional services firms in the world.

Our clients include major national Law Firms, Big 4 Accounting Firms and Management Consulting Firms as well as regional and local firms.

Services we provide range from consultation regarding a suitable Client Feedback Program to conducting client interviews and rendering comprehensive reports.

We have conducted thousands of interviews with company executives, including Chairmen, other Board members, CEOs, General Counsel, CFOs, CIOs, CAEs and other senior management located both within and outside the U.S.

Services also include special research projects, such as a series of interviews with Chairmen of over 100 Audit Committees of major U.S. companies regarding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Companies whose executives we have interviewed include more than half of the Fortune 100.

Total billings of our Law Firm, Accounting and Consulting clients for just those services for which we have conducted interviews during the past few years approximate $10 billion.

Our team includes former Big 4 Accounting firm senior partners who, aside from being major client handlers, also held important management and marketing positions in their former firm.

Our offices are located in Boston, New York, Chicago and Park City, Utah.


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