Our Engagements

Descriptions of representative Client Feedback engagements we have completed highlight the types of services we perform and the results that we can achieve. These descriptions are divided into two categories:

Sample Engagements
Case Studies

Sample Engagements provide overviews of how clients have benefited from our work, including issues raised, solutions recommended, and results achieved.

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1. Key Client Feedback Program Involving 25 to 35 Clients Annually
2. Client Satisfaction Assessment for a Single Client Involving 40 Interviewees
3. Assessment of the Comparative Quality of the Relationship with a Firm’s Largest Client
4. Positioning Interviews for a Practice Group
5. Client Perception Study Involving the Interview of a Single Executive from Each of 30 Clients
6. Facilitation of Client Serving Team’s Development of Action Plans
7. Development of a Written Survey Based on Prior In-Person Interviews
8. SOX Interviews with Audit Committee Chairs of More Than 100 Major U.S. Companies
9. Market Perception Study Based on Interviews with Managing Partners of Competing Firms and Others
10. Firm Recruiting Image Study Involving Interviews of Faculty and Placement Officers of Major Source Schools

Case Studies reveal the reactions and comments of client executives who were interviewed by us as part of the Client Feedback process.

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1. Examples of Where the Partner Was Not Aware of Important Client Perceptions
2. View from the Top: Senior Executives’ Impressions of Third-Party In-Person Interviews?
3. Why Clients Value Third-Party In-Person Interviews ?
4. Turning “Bad News” to Good Use?
5. Well Positioned for Expansion – Or Contraction? ?
6. What Client Interviews Have Revealed About the Lead Partners
7. Would Your Clients Recommend You to Others?
8. “We Won’t Learn Anything New from Client Interviews”
9. Key Clients at Risk of Feeling “Taken for Granted?”
10. The Client’s Key Expectations
11. How Does Your Firm Compare to the Competition?


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