Sample Engagements

1. Key Client Feedback Program Involving 25 to 35 Clients Annually

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted Key Client Interviews for a major professional services firm during an annual program involving client satisfaction assessments for 25 to 35 key clients through in-person interviews of, typically, four to six executives per client, with a report being produced for each client.  The clients were selected by a top-down process within the firm.  Both firm management and the respective client relationship partner received a copy of each client assessment report.  An annual report was also completed analyzing overall trends in service quality and competitive comparisons, as well as other relevant issues.  Because the assessments were normally conducted well before the end of each engagement, a major benefit included the uncovering of any possible shortcomings in service delivery early enough to preserve the relationship and “save millions” in future fees. 

2. Client Satisfaction Assessment for a Single Client Involving 40 Interviewees

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted Key Client Feedback for a professional services firm’s client involving in-person interviews with more than 40 client executives.  The ultimate report included findings and recommendations which addressed a variety of areas, such as the quality of the relationship, partner assignments and reassignments, the effectiveness of service delivery, fees, each client executive’s one or two key expectations of the firm going forward and comparisons of the firm with the competition.

3. Assessment of the Comparative Quality of the Relationship with a Firm’s Largest Client

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted Key Client Feedback involving in-depth interviews with a group of 25 client executives.  Aside from assessing the quality of the relationship with this specific client, the resulting findings were combined with those generated by interviews with executives from additional major clients to develop a summary report analyzing these several clients’ overall impressions of the firm as to its perceived strengths and weaknesses and what actions were necessary to better compete in the marketplace. 

4. Positioning Interviews for a Practice Group

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted client interviews to determine the strengths, weaknesses and distinctive qualities of the practice group and its lead partners and develop comparisons based on the clients’ impressions of other competing firms. The feedback received was used to help create a business plan and a marketing plan for the practice group, and to serve as a benchmark against which to compare the results of future Client Feedback. 

5. Client Perception Study Involving the Interview of a Single Executive from Each of 30 Clients

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted in-person interviews with the key client contact from each of 30 clients to assess overall impressions of the firm, its service quality, competitive comparisons and the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives. 

6. Facilitation of Client Serving Team’s Development of Action Plans

After completion of the Client Feedback Report for a major client of a professional services firm, Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC facilitated a working session for 15 of the key partners and other senior staff responsible for the client. Benefits of this client service planning session included the group's analysis of the problems uncovered, joint development (and ownership) of remedial action plans and overall team building. 

7. Development of a Written Survey Based on Prior In-Person Interviews

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC provided consultation and advice regarding the development of a written survey. Our input was based in part on in-person interviews we had conducted with many of the firm’s larger clients.  The written surveys were to be used with smaller clients to complement the in-person interviews we would continue to conduct for the larger clients.

8. SOX Interviews with Audit Committee Chairs of More Than 100 Major U.S. Companies

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted comprehensive in-person and phone interviews with Audit Committee Chairmen of more than 100 major U.S. publicly-held corporations to ascertain their views regarding the current business environment in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (“SOX”).  We were selected for this engagement because of our experience in interviewing senior executives of major corporations and because of the interviewing methodology we employ. 

9. Market Perception Study Based on Interviews with Managing Partners of Competing Firms and Others

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC conducted a market perception study for a professional services firm based on interviews with managing partners of competing firms, members of the business press and selected recruiting sources. 

10. Firm Recruiting Image Study Involving Interviews of Faculty and Placement Officers of Major Source Schools

Aronson / Heintz Associates LLC completed in-person interviews with selected members of the faculty and placement officers at several key schools from which the largest office of the firm recruited a considerable number of its professional staff.  Among the objectives of these interviews were to determine how the firm was perceived at these schools, how its recruiting efforts compared with those of the other competing firms and what were considered to be “best practices” in recruiting.


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