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Consultation and Advice

Among the areas where we can provide assistance to members of a professional services firm’s management, Relationship Partners and marketing / business development personnel are:

(1) Clarifying possible misconceptions as to both the methodology and benefits of a Client Feedback Program,

(2) Assessing the strengths and weakness of the firm’s current program, if there is one, and/or

(3) Recommending Best Practices, including those pertaining to:

•   Rationale and Objectives of Client Feedback Programs
•   Firm and Partner Attitudes about Obtaining Client Feedback
•   Segmenting the Clients into Three Tiers**
•   Selecting the Clients and the Interviewees/Respondents
•   Determining the Appropriate Methodology – In-Person vs. Phone vs. Written/Web
•   Scripted vs. Open-Ended Format
•   Selecting the Interviewer(s) – In-House and/or Third Party
•   Pre-Interview Orientations for Management, Relationship Partners, Clients and interviewer(s)
•   Inviting the Interviewees/Respondents to Participate
•   Training the Interviewer(s)
•   Conducting the Interviews
•   Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses
•   Debriefing the Relationship Partners – and Possibly Others
•   Documentation and Written Reports – for each Client in the Program
•   Periodic Analyses, Insights and Observations – for Groups of Clients
•   Managing the Program

** For an example of how a Client Feedback Program could be implemented for each of the three client tiers of a hypothetical professional services firm, see the chart in our attached article, “Playing Defense,” that appeared in the March 1, 2007, issue of The American Lawyer.


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