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Case Study #7

Would Your Clients Recommend You to Others?

Beyond mere “Yes” or “No” answers, here’s a sampling of client executives’ responses that add considerably to revealing just how satisfied and how loyal they really are:


 “Yes” Responses

1.     “… however I don’t know how many [similarly qualified Partners] they have to run such projects.”

2.     “I go out of my way to wipe out the competition for [the Firm] as I can’t see anything for them to improve on.”

3.     “… so long as [the Firm] doesn’t take its people away from me to work on the other’s projects.”

4.     “… but I wouldn’t want them to work for one of our competitors.”

5.     “I love them.”

6.     “But [the Firm’s] relevant industry experience could be stronger.”

7.     “[The Firm] completed the assignment successfully, but they are probably not the best at this type of work.”

8.     “[The Firm] is a good company, but I wouldn’t recommend this team.”

9.     “I’d recommend [the Firm] selectively.  It depends on the area [of service] … and the country.”


 “No” Responses

1.     “I don’t wish we had selected another firm, but I didn’t know that you could spend millions of dollars and not get great stuff.”

2.     “They haven’t blown me away, so I’ve got to feel there’s something better out there.”

3.     “We enhance our brand by associating with others who are comparable in their field to us – and I don’t feel [the Firm] is.”

4.     “… based on what I felt they could have brought to the table but didn’t.”

5.       “I get better service from others.”


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