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Case Study #6
What Client Interviews Have Revealed About the Lead Partners

1. "[Partner] has great mental prowess, welcomes complexity and has a large appetite for details.  His mental acuity and ability to remember all the aspects of very complicated situations have made a lasting impression on us.  He always brings a helpful, different perspective."

2. "[Partner] is too doctrinaire instead of thinking like a businessman.  He tends to be very technical and focus more on the minute aspects of the engagement rather than the bigger picture of what is the right strategy for us."

3. "I canít say enough about [Partner]. She is outstanding and was a great addition to the team. She can frame issues at 50,000 feet and also roll up her sleeves and deliver on tactics and execution Ė she has a rare combination of these two skills." 

4. "[Partner]  is not service-oriented.  Heís more of a cop, with a gotcha mentality.  He has been on the engagement too long and has stopped viewing us as a client. And we now view him as a regulator."

5. "[Partnerís] role has now evolved into acting as a personal advisor to me and the other executives. She serves in the capacity of an honest broker Ė and itís working nicely. She is well suited to this personal counseling role and to being a professional in general."

6. "[Partnerís] interpersonal skills are not honed to the point where he can conduct himself with those having a different point of view without appearing adversarial."

7. "[Partner] is very responsive to our needs.  He stays on top of the people he brings in. He follows up with me on how things are going.  And he is not a pain in the ass who always pesters you Ė he knows when to come by.  This has allowed him to eke out several new business opportunities for his firm."

8. "[Partner] has a tendency to take strong positions to the top level, going around those below, including me.  In a meeting with the Chairman, she blurted out an answer which she hadnít discussed with me or others." 



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