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Case Study #3
Why Clients Value Third-Party In-Person Interviews

1. In-Person Interviews Are Preferred Over Written Surveys — “I throw out written surveys.  I can’t take the time to write out appropriate responses.  I’d rather spend the time being interviewed.  So I commend the Firm for doing it this way.”

2. Third-Party Involvement Eliminates Difficulties Inherent in Being Interviewed by Firm Personnel — “It was very good that [the Firm] hired an independent group to get this feedback.  Otherwise, the discussions between client and [professional] would be circular, that is, lots of rationalization and excuses.”

3. Periodic Assessments Are Viewed Positively — “[The Firm] needs a continuing mechanism to test client service…every couple of years they need some help [from a third-party] with a relationship review.” 

4. Clients Realize the Benefits to the Firm — “This Client Survey is a good thing.  It really provides good feedback on how professionals are performing.”

5. Inclusion of Appropriate Client Personnel Is Critical — On reviewing the list of interviewees for the Survey, the client’s president observed, “This is an excellent sample of people that will cover [the Firm’s] entire relationship with our organization.”

6. Some Use the Interview to Express Appreciation — “I was going to write [the Firm] to tell them how happy I am with their work, but I haven’t done it yet.  So, I’m pleased to have this opportunity to do that and provide an avenue to express my gratitude.”

7. Clients Appreciate Participating — “I enjoy providing helpful feedback.”

8. These Interviews Can Create a Competitive Advantage — “[The Firm’s] competitors don’t do an in-person survey like this one.  This suggests to me that [the Firm] is more business-like than the other firms.” 


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