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Case Study #2

 View from the Top:  Senior Executives’
Reactions to Third-Party In-Person Interviews

1.    The Chairman and CEO commented, “This is a good experience for [my company].”  And, at the conclusion of his one-hour interview, he remarked, “This has been a good discussion for me.”

2.    The Vice Chairman remarked, “This is far better than a written survey.  I would have spent no more than five minutes completing a written survey.”  (His interview took over an hour.)

3.    The President and CEO mentioned he had never participated in an in-person survey of this type, but had been interviewed on the telephone once before.  He added, “The personal touch is the right way.”

4.    The General Counsel claimed, “If it weren’t for this interview, I wouldn’t have said all that I said.”

5.    A Group President stated, “This survey is a great testimony to the fact [the Firm] cares about [our Company] and – even though they are doing well – they still want to improve.”

6.    A Division President was pleased that the Partner “included me on the list of those to interview.” 

7.    The Chief Information Officer said, “It’s particularly appropriate that [the interviewer is] independent from the Firm.  It wouldn’t work if I were being interviewed by [in-house personnel]."

8.    The President and COO closed his interview by saying, “This was easy and fun.”


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