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Examples of Where the Partner Was Not Aware of Important Client Perceptions

1. The Partner’s Assessment Was 100% Wrong, But the Firm Prevailed — The lead Partner mentioned that he was reasonably well regarded at the client.  However, the first executive to be interviewed began by saying, “I have a message for the Firm.  We want a change in the lead Partner.”  The change was made and the Firm’s relationship was maintained.

2. An Early Warning Resulted in the Development of a Contingency Plan — Although highly satisfied with the large volume of work the Firm had performed over several years, the client felt that the situation was becoming “incestuous.”  Accordingly, a key executive observed, “It’s good to keep people on their toes – we need to give more work to other firms.”  The Firm responded by identifying the “strategic” work they felt they had to retain and then adopting an approach to mollify the client’s concerns.

3. It Was Confirmed that the CEO Was One of the Partner’s “Strongest Supporters” — While a number of executives had positive comments about the Partner, she was very interested in ascertaining the CEO’s viewpoint.  During his interview, the CEO stated the Partner “is very business savvy and acts like a business partner – I think the world of her.”

4. "Other Firms Are Knocking Down Our Doors” — This is how a key buyer introduced a discussion of the activities of the Firm’s competition in a specific area of expertise where the Firm thought it had been diligent in pursuing the relationship.  However, according to the client, the Firm had been much less aggressive than several other firms that had made significant inroads.  Based on this competitive intelligence, the Partner developed a revised business development strategy.

5. The Client’s Candor Regarding the Partner May Benefit the Firm — One senior executive stated that some people at the client perceive the Partner as “wily – that is, he works the organization and the personalities here to his own advantage to get more business for the Firm.  So, at times, people are suspicious of his motives.”  The Partner took this feedback to heart and is attempting to modify how he is perceived.


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