Client Feedback

Do you know how your clients view the firm, its personnel, service quality and cost-benefit, and how the firm compares to the competition?

Answers to these and other questions can help:

1. Prevent small problems from escalating into larger relationship issues,

2. Expand work and convert good clients into great clients, and

3. Determine and enhance competitive positioning.

To achieve the above, a professional services firm’s Client Feedback Program must be tailored to the size and importance of the clients selected, involve the appropriate firm as well as third-party personnel and include the right choice of methodologies, such as in-person and phone interviews and/or written or online surveys.

For example, senior executives of Key Clients appreciate and are most candidly forthcoming when they are personally interviewed – in an unscripted and open-ended manner – by a skilled interviewer who is independent of the client service team.

Aronson / Heintz Associates has well over a decade of experience in (1) advising professional services firms on the proper balance of methodologies and personnel to be involved and (2) conducting executive-level client satisfaction and loyalty assessments.


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